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Fred & Bobbie Becker have been working on cruise ships for most of their careers. Fred is a magician/illusionist and Bobbie is a singer. Together they represent more that 45 years of combined experience in the cruise entertainment industry. They truly have, “been there, done that.”

Several years ago Fred authored a book titled, “The Cruise Magicians’ Handbook.” He img49had a lot to say about the world of cruise ship entertaining. His book received much praise like,

“I daresay that every last aspect of the field is addressed and every imaginable question is answered. I would in fact recommend this book for any working pro who travels a fair amount, especially with a large show-you will learn a great deal here of use, whether or not you ever set foot on a cruise ship.” –Jami Ian Swiss, Genii Magazine

“This book gets my highest recommendation. For somebody interested in working cruise ships [it] is priceless.” –Rudy Coby, the Coolest Magician on Earth

“This is the Encyclopedia/Dictionary/Bible for cruise ship work.” –Stevens Magic Emporium.

Although written from the view of a magician, it turned out that Fred’s book appealed to any entertainer looking to get a gig on a cruise ship. It made Fred realize that IF he were ever to do this again, he would expand it to include every entertainer out there. Also, he vowed that any future “Cruise Handbook” wouldn’t be just a book at all. “So much of the unique environment of a cruise ship,” thought Fred, “can only be shown with video.”

Several things came together; Since the handbook was written much has changed in the cruise industry, technology has changed so that Fred’s vision for a multimedia experience is now possible. And with Bobbie’s experience in the production show side of cruise entertainment, both as lead singer and company manager, we now have the tools to bring a complete and comprehensive guide to working on cruises. Also, GigsOnShips has an interactive component that no printed book could ever hope to have.

Join us for the adventure of a life time!


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  1. I remember Fred’s book on cruise ships, and how the thought made me excited! But, being land-locked and with other “responsibilities” at the time, it became yet another dream that found itself tucked away. But now, things have changed, I am much better at my art, and am looking forward to learning more and more about what might be the best part of my performing career!

    Lee Davis

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  3. I have been trying to get on cruise ships as a guest entertainer for quite some time. I have no idea on what they’re looking for. I am a comedian hypnotist and this would be a dream for me come true if I could get a contract to perform as a comedian hypnotist on a cruise line. that would be a dream come true. I hope and pray that you can help me out to accomplish this goal of mine to live my dream.

  4. Fred and Bobbie have created one of the very best courses I have ever taken – absolutely fabulous! I personally think it should be way more expensive for the content that is revealed. If you are thinking of going into this very lucrative market this is the Holy Grail.

  5. Hello! Not seeing a “contact” option for you site, So here I go 🙂

    Magician Illusionist Joseph Réohm is an extreme professional at close-up as well as stage Magic. He is a member of the Magic Castle. And recently was the season finale winner on Syfy’s “Wizard Wars”. He was given the golden ticket to audition for another show on another major network. And is currently shooting another show for yet another major network.

    Here is his short but sweet Promo Video, where you can also see what world renowned Magicians Penn & Teller have to say about him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzhqkQEFHmQ&feature=youtu.be

    Let me know if you need anything else to get him signed on!

    Thank you,
    Jenny Burpee
    Manifest Entertainment

  6. We are prepared to provide your client base with some of the finest music ever. We cover Great Jazz, Blues, Pop and on a Grand scale,.
    We all Have Passports and Ready to go. (as guest) artist. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Warm Regards
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  7. I sincerely look forward to gaining the knowledge and information from Fred and Bobbie. Back in the late 1980’s I worked as a Cruise Staff Magician on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Performing in Cruise Staff shows and other duties. That was a very long time ago, but now I am ready to do it the right way !!

  8. good day Fred
    i am a stand up comedian and motivational speaker from South Africa and i would love to perform on the sea , how do i apply .i have some videos of myself on YouTube.

    • Hi Wazeem; Yes, video demos are your most important asset when it comes to getting the job. But cruise video promo videos are unique. Keep watch for more information coming from Gigs On Ships!

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